Chouquette and Choux pastry

For this Wednesday Recipe , it is the moms who went to kitchen. On the program, making delicious chouquettes for the snack of their little greedy .

Choux pastry recipe (for around thirty chouquettes) :

*20g water (or half water half milk)

*pinch of salt

*50g butter in small cubes

* 150g of sifted flour

* 200-250g whole eggs, beaten

1 / Put the water , salt and pieces of butter in a saucepan. Put on the heat, melt the butter and bring to a boil for a few seconds.

2 / Remove the pan from the heat and add the sifted flour just once . Roll up your sleeves and it's time to dry out the dough : Return the pan to low heat and mix until there is no more water vapor on the sides of the pan. On average, this step lasts about 8-10 minutes.

Be careful, this step is essential! If there is too much moisture in the dough, your chouquettes will not swell in your oven.

3 / When the dough is completely dry, transfer it to another container to cool it slightly. Gradually add the beaten eggs . You may not be using the eggs fully. Save them for the gilding;)

4 / When your dough is smooth but not too runny, put it in a piping bag .

work in progress...

Brown the choux with a brush and line them with a fork dipped in the beaten eggs. Add sugar cubes.

5 / Hop in the oven at 180 ° for about 40 minutes . Your cabbages must be golden brown. CAUTION: do not open the oven door during the entire cooking process!