Vanilla Custard

It is one of the Basic Recipes essential in pastry making . It will be useful to you as well for desserts , tarts or choux .

I have tried several and this one is just perfect. Neither too sweet nor too thick. It is light with a hint of vanilla.


For a pie of 8-10 people / for about twenty puff pastries 'Choux':

. 50cl milk

.3 yolks

90g sugar

20g corn starch

30g flour

vanilla extract


Preparing your vanilla cream:

1/ Heat your milk with the vanilla extract (few drops to 1 little spoon)

2/ Meanwhile, in a bowl, whisk the yolks with the sugar then add the flour and the Corn starch.

3/ When your milk is hot, pour half over your yolk/sugar/flour mixture (the other half stays in the pan). Mix well then put everything back on the heat. Continue mixing until you get the famous "plop" (it feels like the cream is bursting in the pan)

4/ Put your cream in a dish. Stick your preparation with cling film (your plastic film must touch your cream). And on top, put blocks of ice. This will allow your pastry cream to cool faster and above all prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

5/ Before using your pastry cream, whisk it lightly.


You can use this recipe with:

Les choux

Tarte Framboises 



Pour toujours avoir La Recette de La Crème Pâtissière sous la main, épinglez-la sur vos tableaux Pinterest !


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