Les Baos à la Violette – Le Mystère du Dragon Jaune

Lors de leur vacances sur l’île de Chongming, à Shanghai, Tao et Capucine ont découvert La Légende du Dragon Jaune.

Avec leurs amis, ils vont devoir réaliser différentes recettes pour découvrir des indices qui les amèneront à l’oeuf du Dragon.

Vont-ils réussir à retrouver l’oeuf et ainsi éviter que le monde ne devienne gris ?


Voici la première recette qu’ils vont réaliser : Les Baos à la violette.

À l’origine, les Baos sont des petits pains farcis et cuits à la vapeur dans de jolis paniers de bambou.

Retrouve la recette et les ingrédients à la page 36 de ton livre Le Mystère du Dragon Jaune.

Bonne chance et bonne cuisine,


Découvre, dans la vidéo ci-dessous, le premier épisode audio du Mystère du Dragon Jaune.


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recette galette des rois

Galette des Rois with almond cream

Dear foodies,


Avant de vous dévoiler ma recette de la Galette des Rois, retour sur la création de ce dessert 😉

Traditionally, we taste the Kings Cake on the day of Epiphany, a Christian festival that celebrates the Messiah receiving the visit of the three Magi.

But where does this tradition of the Galette des Rois come from? 

We have to go back to the Saturnalia (Roman festivals) during which the Romans designated a slave "King of the Day". During this day, the slave had the power to grant all his wishes before becoming a slave again.

In France, there are different types of Galettes. In 3/4 of France, La Galette des Rois is made with puff pastry and filled with frangipane (mixture of pastry cream and almond cream). In the West of France, the Galette des Rois is a brioche with sugar or candied fruit. In France-Comté, this dessert is made with choux pastry.

Which one do you prefer?


Today, we are going to prepare a Galette des Rois made with puff pastry and frangipane.


For 6 servings, you need:

.puff pastry (find the recipe HERE)

pate feuilletee rapide et facile

.pastry cream: use this recipe with 50g milk, 10g egg yolk, 15g sugar, 5g cornflour.

recette creme patissiere

Photo de Elly Fairytale sur Pexels.com

..almond cream:

.50g butter

.50g sugar

.40g of almond flour + 10g mixed roasted almonds

.1 egg

.10g of flour

1/ In a container, mix the sugar and the soft butter with a spatula.

2/ Add the almond powder and the mixed roasted almonds (on a baking sheet, spread your almonds and cook them for 10 minutes at 180′. Mixer- them)

3/ Then your egg and the flour. Add your almond cream to your pastry cream. Keep your Frangipane refrigerated until use.


Assembling your Galette des Rois:

1/ Roll out your dough and cut out two circles.

2/ Brush your Galette with egg yolk on the edges of the first circle and add your frangipane in the center.

3/ Put your feve and cover with your second circle of dough.

4/ Press well with your fingers on the edges and chop (make small lines on the edges of the galette) your galette with the help of a knife.

5/ Brush your galette with egg yolk. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

6/ Put in a hot oven, 350′, for about 40 minutes.

feuilletage rapide



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pate feuilletee rapide et facile

THE EASY recipe for Puff Pastry!

Dear foodies,

We start this month of January with a very simple and quick recipe to make for Puff Pastry.

Yes yes. You read correctly. You can make this puff pastry in 15 minutes! So let's go.


For 500g of Puff Pastry, you need:

.240g of cold butter in bug cubes

.200g flour

.3g salt

.90ml of cold water


Preparing your puff pastry quick and easy:


1/ Put the bowl of your robot and the sheet (your robot's leaf-shaped tool) in the freezer for 15 minutes.

2/ In the bowl of your robot, put all the ingredients and mix for 1 minute.

3/ Form a rectangle of dough. The best is to let your dough rest for 15 minutes in the refrigerator before starting to lower it *.

4/ Fleurer * your work surface and roll out your dough into a rectangle about 45cm long and 15cm wide.

5/ Make your first round simple: fold over 1/3 of your dough (start at the top) then close by bringing the bottom of your dough. Turn your rectangle of dough 1/4 to the right. You have just completed your first simple trick.

6/ Flour the work surface and do this step again 4 times (no need for rest time).

7/ At the end of your 5 simple rounds, you can use your puff pastry right away or put it in the refrigerator until use.

feuilletage rapide

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pate feuilletee rapide et facile

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Crédits photos : @amoureusedunetarteaucitron et Stocklib

Butternut puff pastry ( Choux )

Dear foodies,


Today, I share with you a recipe that I created especially for Thanksgiving, for friends:

4 Spices and Butternut Choux


This spice blend from Sacred French combined with sweet of Butternut is very interesting. And it will be a very original dessert for your end-of-year celebrations!

For 10 Choux: 

1/ make the choux pastry (same day or the day before and store in the fridge) following this recipe

2/ make the cracker the day before:

.100g cold butter

.125g flour

.125g brown sugar

.naturel food orange color

a/ In a bowl, put all the ingredients and mix to obtain a ball of dough. Spread between two sheets of baking paper and put in the freezer.


Make your choux and add a cracker disc, fresh from the freezer, on top of your choux. Bake.


3/ 4 spices and butternut cream :

.300g whipped cream

.20g icing sugar

.3-4 spoons of butternut squash purée

.4 spice blend Sacre Français


The day before, in a saucepan, cook your cream with 2 teaspoons of 4 spices. Leave to infuse overnight.

a/ For your Butternut puree: peel and cut your butternut into pieces.

b/ Put the butternut cubes in water and cook until the pieces become tender.

c/ Mix everything.

d/ In a very cold stand mixer, put your cream and beat it at maximum power. When it begins to thicken, add your icing sugar then 3 tablespoons of butternut squash.


4/ Assembling your 4-spice cabbage and Butternut: 

When your puffs have cooled, make a small hole in your puffs and pipe your Butternut cream.

Et voilà,



Bon appétit.


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Apple Tart with Salted caramel sauce

Here is a new gourmet creation. And if you're a fan of apples and salted butter caramel, you ABSOLUTELY have to try this recipe!


Our Thin apple and caramel tart consists of a thin layer of Breton shortbread, thin slices of apple sautéed in salted butter caramel, all decorated with a vanilla white chocolate whipped ganache. For the decoration, I added cinnamon buttons that you will find on the site of Sacré Français.


For a tart for 6 servings:

1/ Prepare a Breton shortbread following this recipe HERE

2/ Cut using a mandolin or a very sharp knife, 2 nice apples. Fry the thin slices in a pan in 3 tablespoons of Salted Butter Caramel (find the recipe HERE)

With 2 other apples peeled and cut into pieces, make a compote: in a saucepan, put a little water, a tablespoon of sugar, the apple pieces and cook over low heat until the apples become melting. Mix and reserve.

3/ The day before, prepare whipped white chocolate vanilla ganache following this recipe HERE. Beat it cold on D-Day and put in a piping bag.


Assembling your Thin Apple Tart and Salted Butter Caramel:

4/ Place some apple compote on your Breton shortbread, avoiding the edges.

5/ Put your thin slices of apples and cover them with a little salted butter caramel.

6/ Poach your ganache 😉

Bon appétit,


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tarte fine aux pommes et caramel

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recette de la ganache montee chocolat blanc et vanille

White Chocolate Ganache with Vanilla

This whipped ganache recipe is very simple and quick to make.

It is better to do it the day before.

For one Tart: 

.100g white chocolate(I use chocolate Callebaut)

.100g warmed whipped cream + 100g cold whipped cream

.2g gelatin

.1 vanilla bean from Sacré Français 

recette de la ganache montee chocolat blanc et vanille

Preparation of your Ganache:

1/ Heat the cream with your vanilla pod cut in half lengthwise. Before boiling, turn off the heat, cover and let infuse for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remove the pod.

2/ Return to the heat, add the gelatin and pour the mixture, little by little, over your white chocolate.

3/ Pour in the cold cream, mix and set aside in the fridge.

4/ The next day, in a very cold tank, beat your Ganache with a mixer.


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Lemon Flower and basil

Here is a new Lemony recipe!

For this recipe, I wanted to revisit my Tart lemon meringue by creating a lemon flower on a sweet pastry, with a basil insert.

To make the lemon heart, you can use the following mold: Lemon silicone mold


For your Lemon Flowers, you will need to make the following recipes: 


  • Preparation to be made one or two days before: 

1/ Sweet pastry: click HERE for the recipe. Cut into the flower paste and bake them at 320F. Reserve on a wire rack.

2/ Candied Citrons (if you don't have any citron, you can candied lemons by following the same recipe). Recipe link HERE.

3/ Basil jelly: click here for the recipe.

4/ Creamy lemon: follow the recipe for the creamy lemon from the Lemon Meringue Pie.

Place your cream in the moulds. First, line the molds with creamy spoon then add the cube of basil jelly and cover with creamy. Put in the freezer.

5/ Lemon glaze mirror: 

For the colorant, you can use these natural colorants made from dehydrated fruit puree.

And for the recipe, it's HERE.


  • D-Day (minimum 4 hours before serving)

6/ Prepare the Italian Meringue by following this recipe.

7/ Heat your icing in a bain-marie (about 95F).

8/ Take your lemon hearts out of the freezer, put them on a wire rack and pour the glaze over them.

9/ Arrange your lemon heart in the center of the flower and decorate with the Italian meringue and the Cedrat confit .

Bon appétit,


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Lemon Glaze

A new glaze recipe for your desserts, Yule logs or pies: lemon mirror glaze!

Lemon Glaze Mirror !


For 500g of lemon icing (you can freeze any excess icing. It can be stored in the freezer for up to 4 months):

.75g of water

.11g of gelatin

.150g of sugar

.150g of glucose or honey

.150g white chocolate

.100g condensed milk

.natural food color

a- In a saucepan, boil the water, sugar, glucose. Turn off the heat and stir in the gelatin

b- Add the white chocolate and coloring and mix for 2 minutes

c- Add the condensed milk, mix again and sift.

Store the glaze in the fridge. When using it, heat it in a bain-marie (about 30°) and use it on your dessert just unmolded. Do not be afraid of hot-cold contact. Your dessert will not melt 😉

gelee de basilic

Basil Jelly

If you are a fan of basil, this recipe is perfect for you.

You can use it with your tarts, cakes and salads.


You need: 

.80g lemon juice

.210g water

.50g sugar

.chopped basil (approx.20g)

.10g gelatin 


Preparation of your basil jelly:

Hydrate your gelatin sheets in a large volume of cold water. Squeeze them before use.

1/ In a saucepan, bring the lemon juice, water, sugar and basil to a boil.

2/ Turn off the heat and add the gelatin. Mix well.

3/ Strain through a sieve to remove a few basil leaves and put in pots or moulds.

4/ Reserve in the fridge or in the freezer.


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Bonne journée mes citrons.

Candied Cédrat

In our garden, we are lucky to have Citrons. But I confess that I had never tried before
It's done, and I'm sharing the recipe here!
1/ Clean and cut into thick strips (1cm). Keep the bark and the albedo (white skin). Set aside the pulp (remove the pips).
2/ Put the cédrats in a large volume of cold water and bring to a simmer for 30 minutes. Blanching them will help remove some of their bitterness.
Drain and weigh the citrons.
3/ In another saucepan, put the same weight in sugar, water and citrons (the citrons will be added after boiling). Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 1½ hours.
4/ Allow to cool then bring back to a simmer for about fifteen minutes.
5/ Arrange the bark you need on a grid and let them dry overnight. Store the rest in a jar with the syrup, in the fridge.
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