Volume 2

» The Mystery of the Yellow Dragon « is a book of adventures, of puzzles and pastries.
A book for all ages that will seduce :
les plus petits grâce à ses magnifiques illustrations colorées et son jeu de  » Cherche et Trouve ».
the oldest will appreciate the new pastry recipes, created especially for this book.
The book is bilingual
(French and English) with small touches of Chinese.
Another way to learn a language while having fun!

Summary: During a Chinese shadow show, Tao and Capucine discover The Legend of the Yellow Dragon, protector of the colors of the world.

 1000 years ago, this dragon brooded its egg on the largest Rainbow in the world. But one day, a storm broke a piece of it. The egg fell and part of the world turned gray and sad. »

Join our two explorers in a new gourmet adventure and discover the fabulous landscapes of China!

With the help of the 7 recipes, created especially for this book, you can help Tao and Capucine solve the puzzles of the Yellow Dragon.

Bonus: Thanks to our YouTubeKids channel The Gourmet Adventures of Tao and Capucine, your children will be able to discover the story in audio version as well as the recipes explained step by step!

Découvrez les vidéos en bas de cette page.

A4 format, 56 pages, 7 recipes, written by Camille Mallet, illustrated by Nina Bruneau.


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Why this title?

Pourquoi ce titre, Le Mystère du Dragon Jaune ?   Lors de notre dernier voyage en Chine, nous avons découvert Zhangjiajie 张家界市, dans la province

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