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Huum. At home, we love raspberries in all forms: plain, in jam, in tart , in cookies…

Today, I offer you the Raspberry Recipe .


For a Framboisier for 8 people, you will need:

. sponge cake (recipe HERE )

. mousseline cream: pastry cream (recipe HERE ) , 125g of softened butter

. about 1kg of raspberries

. lemon zest whipped cream: 1 lemon, 30g icing sugar, 30cl liquid cream (30% fat)

. raspberries jam 


Preparation of your Framboisier:

1 / Prepare your sponge cake ( recipe HERE ). If you wish, you can incorporate the seeds of a vanilla bean into your sugar-egg mixture.

2 / While your sponge cake is in the oven, prepare your pastry cream ( recipe HERE ) . When your custard has cooled, loosen with a whisk by adding the softened butter . Put your cream in a pastry bag.

3 / Chantilly cream : put all your equipment and the cream in the fridge before assembling the cream.

In your very cold robot bowl, put the cream . Start beating at high speed. When the cream becomes thick, gradually add the icing sugar . Your cream is ready when you get the famous bird's beak * (direction the barbarian lexicon of pastry)

Ajouter ensuite délicatement à la maryse, les zestes de votre citron.


Assembly of your Framboisier:

1 / Cut your sponge cake in 2 or 3 depending on the thickness. Line * your mold with rhodoïd (plastic film). Place your first circle of sponge cake in the mold. Brush with raspberry jam.

2 / Add the raspberries on the sides, Rhodoïd side then "wedge" them with the mousseline cream ( refer to the step-by-step assembly of the strawberry plant to help you )

3 / Add mousselin cream in the center of the sponge cake , pieces of raspberries , then lemon whipped cream . Be generous

4 / Cover with your second circle of sponge cake . If you have a third circle of sponge cake left, repeat the previous step otherwise we move on to the decoration!

5 / Cover your circle with lemon whipped cream then arrange pieces of raspberries , edible flowers ...



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Photo shooting in collaboration with the household linen and decoration brand Studio Noosh

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