tarte pomme rosace

Apple Tart

Dear foodies,

After the recipe of the Papé's Apple Pie, I suggest you make one with a sweet shortcrust pastry.

tarte pommes rosace

For 6-8 servings:

.3-4 big red apples

.1 jar of apple sauce

.shortcrust pastry, the recipe is HERE


Preparation of your Apple Pie:

Preheat the oven 350F

1/ Make the shortcrust pastry according to the recipe above. Roll out the dough and put it in a mold.

2/ Make heat to white* for about fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, wash the apples and cut them into thin slices.

3/ Remove the mold from the oven, spread the apple compote then arrange the apple slices in a rosette. Sprinkle with a little brown sugar

4/ Head to the oven for about fifteen minutes.




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tarte pomme rosace

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