Lemon Flower and basil

Here is a new Lemony recipe!

For this recipe, I wanted to revisit my Tart lemon meringue by creating a lemon flower on a sweet pastry, with a basil insert.

To make the lemon heart, you can use the following mold: Lemon silicone mold


For your Lemon Flowers, you will need to make the following recipes: 


  • Preparation to be made one or two days before: 

1/ Sweet pastry: click HERE for the recipe. Cut into the flower paste and bake them at 320F. Reserve on a wire rack.

2/ Candied Citrons (if you don't have any citron, you can candied lemons by following the same recipe). Recipe link HERE.

3/ Basil jelly: click here for the recipe.

4/ Creamy lemon: follow the recipe for the creamy lemon from the Lemon Meringue Pie.

Place your cream in the moulds. First, line the molds with creamy spoon then add the cube of basil jelly and cover with creamy. Put in the freezer.

5/ Lemon glaze mirror: 

For the colorant, you can use these natural colorants made from dehydrated fruit puree.

And for the recipe, it's HERE.


  • D-Day (minimum 4 hours before serving)

6/ Prepare the Italian Meringue by following this recipe.

7/ Heat your icing in a bain-marie (about 95F).

8/ Take your lemon hearts out of the freezer, put them on a wire rack and pour the glaze over them.

9/ Arrange your lemon heart in the center of the flower and decorate with the Italian meringue and the Cedrat confit .

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