A crazy foodies project

Today, I want to talk to you about a project that is particularly close to my heart. A crazy project. A greedy project. A project for my children. A dream of more than two years: My Book.

Un livre de pâtisserie, certes. Mais surtout un livre sur l’expatriation de mes enfants, leur rencontre avec des ami.e.s du monde entier ! Et pour que ce projet puisse prendre forme, il me faut trouver la perle rare dans l’illustration. Et c’est là que vous entrez en scène en partageant ce post à tous vos contacts 🙂

🍋 Contest open to Illustrators 🍋

I am looking for a talent to illustrate my future pastry book. This book traces the story of my children's expatriation through recipes from around the world. This book will be a recipe book, a story and YOUR beautiful illustrations all in one. Here is the beginning of the story:

Tao and Capucine are brother and sister. They are French but have been living in Shanghai, China, for 3 years. The opportunity to make a whole bunch of friends from all over the world! Today, their mom needs their help to organize the world's children's party.
-"Children! I need you to come up with an idea to celebrate World's Children's Day at school…”
While their mom explained what they could put together, Tao, with a broad smile , approached his sister:
-"Come to me in an hour, I have an idea"
And that she wasn't surprised by Capucine when she discovered a huge rickshaw filled with pots, pans, bowls, spoons....
-“The adventure begins big sister! Let's go around the world and bring mom the recipes of our friends »

Feel free to send me your proposals and be part of this crazy gourmet project 😜 End of the contest on August 31. To your brushes, pencils, palettes 🎨 💋💋